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Sample Program: 

Honoring First Nations Medicine:  Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science 

First Nations/ Native American medicine is not as a thing of the past but a living and still evolving tradition, with effective tools to improve health for people facing cancer, diabetes, PTSD, HIV, and other challenges. A powerful complement to standard therapies, it is important that providers who work with indigenous communities appreciate the principles, ethical values, and practices of America’s original holistic healing tradition. We will explore these topics, as well as stereotypes, misconceptions, and other barriers to care and communication. Interspersed with songs and stories, Ken will share ancient and modern perspectives, including an in depth discussion of how science explains the benefits of Native American medicine. 

Dialogue between healing traditions is needed now more than ever. Western science is concerned with what can be measured. Native healers remind us that there are mysteries beyond measurement and knowledge. The benefits of this ancient healing path are more than personal. Ken will note how protection of the sources of indigenous medicine-- land, people, and rights-- offers hope for survival during these difficult times of “Earth Changes” and social turmoil.  

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