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Lectures and Programs


Ken offers lectures and educational programs at conferences, universities, hospitals, churches, museums, bookstores, and for Native American/First Nations Health and Cultural organizations. Program and keynote descriptions are designed according to the needs of the community or organization and may include topics such as indigenous traditional healthcare; the relevance of “evidence-based” medicine; cross-cultural tools for disease prevention and treatment; indigenous/de-colonized diet; environmental ethics; herbal traditions; indigenous psychotherapy: counseling, dreams, and life purpose; song and story-telling; and talking circles. Sacred ceremonies are not included here, as they are not “for sale” but are rather offered according to indigenous protocols and may not be open to the public. 

To schedule a lecture or seminar, please contact Ken's office at: P.O. Box 1727, Nederland, CO 80466, U.S.A. Phone: 720-985-6445, email:


Ken speaks the Chinese language and is a noted teacher of Tai Chi, Qigong healing practices, and martial arts -- his "day job".  He maintains a separate website ( for this work.

Calendar of Events

Spring 2020 - San Diego Area, CA

Healing consultations available in the San Diego area. Lecture queries also welcome. For more information, please call 720-985-6445 or email

September, 2020 - Boulder, CO

Healing consultations available in the Boulder, Colorado area. Lecture queries also welcome. For more information, please call 720-985-6445 or email

Elders Lodges

Most years, Ken and his wife Grace Sesma ( serve as Elders-in-Residence, offering cultural teachings and traditional healing for two to four weeks at the Iskotew Elders Lodge and other First Nations centers. Tobacco accepted- no fee for these events. "The lodges are Aboriginal teaching and healing centres that regularly provide teachings, Elder consultations, story-telling to First Nations and bring cultural awareness to employees - especially the ones who provide health services to Aboriginal peoples. People of all faiths are welcome." Please contact Ken for details.