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Sampling of Interviews & Articles



Kenneth Cohen has been interviewed in numerous print, radio, and TV programs, including:

“Kenneth Cohen on First Nations Medicine, Indigenous Values, and Animals as Teachers” Pacific Rim College Radio, Victoria, BC (Canada) August 18, 2021


“Healing and Spirituality in World Cultures” Interview about Native American/First Nations traditions, July 12, 2020


Interviewed in the documentary film “Inner Healing: Journey with Native Trees of Knowledge”, director Adrian Esposito, released in 2015


Interviewed by Creeson Agecoutay about First Nations/Native American healing traditions on CTV “Indigenous Circle,” Regina Saskatchewan Canada March 15, 2015

"The Call from the Future" Future Primitive Podcast, June 20, 2014


Abstracts from Articles Published in Peer-Reviewed Science Journals

Cohen, Kenneth S (2023). What is Indigenous Science? Explore: Journal of Science and Healing, July-August, Volume 19, Issue 4, Pages 498-499. Abstract URL:

Cohen, Kenneth S. (2013). Native American Healing: A License to Practice? Explore: Journal of Science and Healing, July–August, Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 203–205. Abstract URL:


Cohen, Kenneth S. (2008). At the Canyon's Edge: Depression in American Indian Culture. Explore: Journal of Science and Healing, March, Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 127–135. Abstract URL:

Cohen, Kenneth (1998). Native American Medicine. Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine. November, Volume 4, Issue 6, Pages 45-57. Abstract URL:


Sampling of Social Justice Articles

Cohen, Kenneth (2018). The Colonial Assault on Native American Medicine. Consciousness and Healing Initiative. October 23. URL:


Cohen, Kenneth (2018). Attempts to Regulate First Nations Healing Practices. News from Indian Country, July 13


Cohen, Kenneth S. (2010). Why I Am Against the Arizona Immigration Law: Your Papers Please. News from Indian Country, June 15

Cohen, Kenneth S. (2008). Square Pegs in the Oval Office: But Change Can Happen. News from Indian Country, December 11

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