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  • Kenneth Cohen

In The Name Poem

Swinomish Nation., Winter Season, 1991

In The Name

Warrior Jesus would be proud of the People Finally honoring his teachings. Fighting greed and selfishness with Giveaways, Fighting lies and abuse with songs of gratitude, Fighting apathy and uncaring with prayer and community.

"I am the Way"--this is our trail through the woods, brushed by the cedar trees; this is our path through the wilderness-- the black unknown. "I am the Truth"--this is our vows, our commitment and dedication, our love for the Creator. "I am the Light"--this is the Red Road, the blood of Mother Earth,

candle-light and smoke for seven generations.

Warrior Jesus Dances the round dance with the People. His kingdom is already on Earth For those who have eyes to see it.

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