Mission Statement

  • To practice, research, teach, and preserve Native American, First Nations and other indigenous healing and cultural traditions.

  • To promote respect, peace, understanding, and dialogue between diverse spiritual paths.

  • To create bridges between ancient and modern healing sciences, with an emphasis on the role of nature, diet, and healthy lifestyle.

  • To encourage respectful ways of learning about culture and highlight the dangers of colonization, misrepresentation, and appropriation.

  • To help preserve indigenous lands and rights through education and activism.

About Ken

Ken Cohen, M.A. is a health educator and traditional healer who has lived, practiced, and studied indigenous ways for most of his 65+ years.

Coming from a multi-cultural background, Ken was mentored by noted medicine men and women and maintains close ties with his adoptive Cree family.


He was one of the first to lecture about traditional healing in U.S. medical schools and has been sponsored by the Mayo Clinic (Grand Rounds Lectures), Health Canada, All Nations Hope, Iskotew and Kumik Elders Lodges (Elder in Residence), and numerous conferences. Ken is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in energy medicine and author of "Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing" (2003, Random House). 

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