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Lectures and educational programs are offered at conferences, universities, hospitals, churches, museums, bookstores, and for Native American health and cultural organizations. Program and keynote descriptions are designed according to the needs of your community or organization and may include topics such as indigenous traditional healthcare; the relevance of “evidence-based” medicine; cross-cultural tools for disease prevention and treatment; indigenous/de-colonized diet; environmental ethics; herbal traditions; indigenous psychotherapy: counseling, dreams, and life purpose; song and story-telling; and talking circles. 

Sacred ceremonies are not included here, as they are not “for sale” but are rather offered according to indigenous protocols and may not be open to the public. 

To schedule a lecture or seminar, please contact Kenneth Cohen's office at P.O. Box 1727, Nederland, CO 80466, U.S.A. Phone: 303-258-0971, email: 

Example of a Program Description

Honoring First Nations Medicine:  Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science 

First Nations/ Native American medicine is not as a thing of the past but a living and still evolving tradition, with effective tools to improve health for people facing cancer, diabetes, HIV, and other challenges. A powerful complement to standard therapies, it is important that providers who work with indigenous communities appreciate the principles, ethical values, and practices of America’s original holistic healing tradition. We will explore these topics, as well as stereotypes, misconceptions, and other barriers to care and communication. Interspersed with songs and stories, Ken will share ancient and modern perspectives, including an in depth discussion of how science validates the benefits of Native American medicine. 

Dialogue between healing traditions is needed now more than ever. Western science is concerned with what can be measured. Native healers remind us that there are mysteries beyond measurement and knowledge. The benefits of this ancient healing path are more than personal. Ken will note how protection of the sources of indigenous medicine-- land, people, and rights-- offers hope for survival during these difficult times of “Earth Changes” and social turmoil.  

Ken Cohen, M.A.  is a health educator and traditional healer who has practiced and studied indigenous ways for most of his 60+ years. Coming from a multi-cultural background, Ken was mentored by noted medicine men and women and maintains close ties with his adoptive Cree family. He was one of the first to lecture about traditional healing in U.S. medical schools and has been sponsored by the Mayo Clinic (Grand Rounds Lectures), Health Canada, All Nations Hope, Iskotew Elders Lodge (Elder in Residence), and numerous conferences. Ken is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in energy medicine and author of Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing (Random House). 

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Calendar of Lectures, Workshops & Courses

Praise for Honoring the Medicine:
The Essential Guide to Native American Healing

"This landmark book is a stunning tour de force. Kenneth Cohen has crafted a comprehensive yet accessible compilation of the theory and practice of Native American medicine. Drawing upon equal parts native traditions, folk wisdom, personal experience, and scholarship, Honoring the Medicine is that rarest of books-- one that makes an original contribution to knowledge in several distinct fields, particularly cross-cultural anthropology, comparative religion, and the history of medicine."
--Jeff Levin, Ph.D., M.P.H.
author of God, Faith, and Health



"Out of years of experience, Kenneth Cohen offers this gift of immense wisdom and insight into ancient and still-honored ways of healing. HONORING THE MEDICINE will challenge your everyday perceptions of reality and lead you to a quiet, more mindful and healthful place. Be prepared: it could transform your life."
--Margaret Coel
author of Chief Left Hand, Southern Arapaho, and The Spirit Woman



"Cohen's book is a form of medicine in itself-- medicine for the mind. He does not allow the reader quick, easy answers, but slowly and carefully untangles the confusion that for so long has created a barrier between the western world into which he was born, and the Native one into which he was adopted. This healing of words is truly respectful in a way Native Americans and those from around the world with open minds can appreciate. In doing so, he creates the missing context in which communication between different types of "medicine" is possible, and not a moment too late. We all need healing. I strongly encourage readers to study this book with open hearts and minds."
--Evan Pritchard (Micmac)
author of No Word for Time, The Way of the Algonquin People
and Native New Yorkers, the Legacy of the Algonquin People of New York

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