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Healing, blessing, and spiritual counseling sessions, arranged by appointment. Ken uses a variety of tools, as appropriate, including:

Prayer, Hand-Doctoring (spiritual healing using light, non-invasive, touch or without contact), Smudging, Singing, Pilgrimage, Ceremony, Indigenous Tools for uncovering one's gifts or life purpose, traditional African divination

The sessions are neither New Age nor core-shamanism, but, rather, traditional indigenous healing. As such certain cultural protocols must be followed, including how one asks for a healing ("offering tobacco"), when during the cycle of the month it might be more appropriate or inappropriate to ask for healing, and so on. Ken will explain these protocols to you.

Asking for a healing, does not guarantee that Ken will accept you as a client. Sometimes, Ken will tell you frankly that he doesn't have the skills to help, or he may make a referral. How many sessions are necessary? Although a single consultation may resolve the problem, more commonly both you and the healer make a commitment to a particular number of sessions, four being the most common.

These methods focus on healing, rather than on curing. Healing means making whole, restoring inner harmony and well-being, reconnecting with the Great Mystery. Curing disease, though a desirable side-effect of healing, is the realm of western medicine. Serious health or psychological issues require supervision by a licensed health-care practitioner.


"Out of years of experience, Kenneth Cohen offers this gift of immense wisdom and insight into ancient and still-honored ways of healing. HONORING THE MEDICINE will challenge your everyday perceptions of reality and lead you to a quiet, more mindful and healthful place. Be prepared: it could transform your life."
--Margaret Coel
author of Chief Left Hand, Southern Arapaho, and The Spirit Woman

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